Me as Shinji - Bogotá is Cold

rats in computerized cages;
pressing keys all the day...
letting our brains flooded with bytes
and our asses flatted by cheap seats

sometimes we learn...
others, we just socialize

and others we eye-eat dump...

the music in our earphones...
randomly choosed music

people sounds in the background
stupid ringtones making us crazy

the office is too warm
and our eyes too heavy
they just wanna close...

what bout the call of duty?
doesn't matter...lets dream first a lil'...

we get hungry
the emptiness fill us

too much hours away from twelve o' clock
lunching is too far just to wait for it...


an emergent window
somebody talks to me

-how are you
I want my bed
-take a shower!
cold water

bogotá is cold...
but there are the water heaters...
they don't allow me to completely wake up
they spend lots of energy
to keep mine

bogotá is cold

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